By following the lean coffee approach, Qoffee allows you to keep your meetings on track by enforcing talking points, and allowing attendees to choose what to discuss.

  • Keeps track of who’s coming and who isn’t
  • Allows attendees to vote for talking points
  • Integrates with HipChat, Slack & Campfire for online meetings
  • Set up phone-based coference calls or just have them in person
Screenshot of the Qoffee dashboard

What people aren’t saying about Qoffee

Photograph of Michael

Growing up on the streets of Detroit was tough, just like my meetings before using Qoffee.

Michael McSwaggy, New York City

Photograph of Josephine

Qoffee’s stunning UI gave me the confidence to ask out my sister’s best friend. Now I’m happily married… and I got a promotion.

Josephine Benson, Head of Geekery

Photograph of Michael

The last meeting I attended resulted in a murder. Qoffee found the perpatrator, and have us the confidence to organise another.

Jennifer Sterino, Bournemouth

Photograph of Michael

When I’m not using Qoffee, I’m drinking coffee.

Hipsters Everywhere

Photograph of Michael

Qoffee is fantastic. It is the only good thing in our business.

Steve Morrisey, Operations Manager

Photograph of Michael

Qoffe’s seemless cloud integration allowed us to pivot, enhance our social reach, and create a platform for improved outgoing business initiatives.

Andrew Jones, Head of Buzzwords